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July 14, 2012


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Billet Wheel Adapters

It would be fantastic seeing your work. I really admire it and your passion for this work is awesome.

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  • Warranty Policy (Racing)
    Hog Billets (Pty) Ltd trading as Motoworx makes NO warranties whatsoever, expressed or implied, oral or written, to purchasers. There is NO warranty of any kind made to Purchasers. Ordering parts from Hog Billets (Pty) Ltd Motoworx is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and to his discretion the responsibility for the correctness of the application of the parts or for his use of the parts. Motoworx produces no products, which carry a DOT certification. Not all wheel designs, produced by Motoworx follow the guidelines set by the Tire and Rim Association. It is up to the customer to determine product compatibility between Rim and Tire combinations before purchases of the wheel occurs. Motoworx will not be held responsible for the incompatibility of some wheel and tyre combinations. Motoworx cannot be held responsible for incorrect orders or application misrepresentation, Motoworx cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its product resulting in loss of property, injury or death. All wheels are of the lightest nature and will not take well to incident. Racing is a dangerous and harmful sport. All precautions and safety measures should be taken in the likely event of a crash. All wheels are built for racing applications only.


  • 917 OLL


  • P4 FR
    Replica wheels for both race and road use. For racing use only a 16” split rim is available. These wheels can be had in almost any width and nearly any offset. These replica’s were styled along the line of the wheels used during the 60’s on the likes of the “Ferrari P4 “ and other Ferrari derived race cars. Finishing to these high quality wheels, can be done in all popular colours. Whilst being very versatile through width and offset offerings, MOTOWORX can supply for both spline or pin drives and also most PCD bolt-on configurations. Stainless steel spinners and valves are standard with the package. The spinners can be supplied in both left and right hand thread and adaptors can be manufactured to the clients specific needs.